Powerful Elegant Aswang (Witch/Vampire) – Solar Quartz and Pearl Pendant - Autumn Dusk Spirits

Powerful Elegant Aswang (Witch/Vampire) – Solar Quartz and Pearl Pendant

This listing is for the pendant which serves as the vessel for a supremely powerful Aswang,.   Awangs originate from the Philippine culture, and are Witches as well as Vampires.  There are many interpretations of what an Aswang is and what they offer - which only adds to their mystique and captivating aura, but it has also, over time, created many fallacies and tall (untrue) tales.  This Aswang is very beautiful (Aswangs almost always appear to be monstrous) and and incredibly dedicated and masterful Witch – possessing magickal skills rivaling any pure wish-granter or user of the Craft.  Although gray (neutral) in nature she deals in magick ranging from WA-DA.  She does not associate herself with BA but should her next keeper seek that of her, she may be persuaded. 

She is a Psy Vampire – full of insight, wisdom, and always seems to have the right answers, never leading her keeper astray.  She is completely committed to her keeper, their well-being, and that of their loved ones.  She is not one to sit and chat as other spirit and entity companions may be, she is very focused, driven and hard at work.  Once bonded with her keeper she doesn’t let up protecting, guiding, aiding and paving the path for them, ensuring success and happiness.   Her energy is very strong and invigorating – like being surrounded by fireworks.  She has identified her next keeper and is anxious to join them.     
The vessel is a lovely, unusual pendant with a large creamy solar quartz stone and smaller red quartz and pearl.

​Many blessings!