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Reverse Animal Spirit Guide Adoption - Discover Your Animal Totem - Options

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This listing is for a Animal Spirit Guide Reverse Adoption. It is a unique opportunity to connect with an Animal Spirit (Totem) that chooses you.

Each animal represents something specific and offers unique abilities for their keeper. "Animal Spirit Guides" are a type of Spirit Totem, where animals join you for various durations depending on the need and the lessons to be learned. They guide and teach to enable the keeper to expand and enhance the aspects on life that need improvement. The Animal Spirit Guides/Totems also bring about spiritual awareness and awakening, and this can be a truly emotional and life changing experience. Animal Spirit Guides can teach us much about ourselves and the world around us.

Having the Animal Spirit Guide do the choosing may bring above a much needed aspect to the keeper's life, where the keeper is sometimes unaware of the need. The relationships will vary - many will become devoted familiars, others may have a short duration depending on the lesson to be learned, others may be by their new keeper's side for many years to come.

Once the purchase is complete, decide upon the choices below, and contact me with your selections. The choices to make are:

1. WA (White Arts) or DA (Dark Arts) Spirit. Keep in mind any other Spirits you already have which could be conflicting.

2. Male or Female (Optional).

The Spirit will choose the vessel, or will already be bound. The vessel could be a ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet, necklace or stone. Vessel preference may be requested. It will come with a bag to hold/keep it in for safety and protection.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me any time.

Many Blessings!