Law of Attraction LAAT - Tremendous Asset - Autumn Dusk Spirits

Law of Attraction LAAT - Tremendous Asset - Direct Bind

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This listing is for the ring which serves as the vessel for a LAAT.  When one hears about “The Law of Attraction” most think of the Universe giving us what we put out.  Therefore living in the moment, being positive, giving thanks, etc. brings us success, happiness, riches, love, etc.  If we see it, believe it, live it as though we already have it – we will have it.  This is not as easy as it seems.  It takes practice, dedication and diligence.  Some find this exceedingly difficult if not impossible.  The LAAT is the key to the Law of Attraction working at its highest most powerful level.  LAATs are unlike any other Spirit.  They bond very deeply and emotionally with their keeper, in many ways becoming one. They understand their keeper’s thoughts, feelings, and desires – and use this knowledge to aid their keeper in endless ways.

They have extremely high energy and use their own energy to increase their keeper’s strength, insight, courage, focus, concentration, confidence – and all that is needed to take The Law of Attraction and run with it.  Do everything that before was unattainable before gaining the abilities given to by the LAAT.    They are magickal and mystical – guiding, advising, empowering and encouraging their keeper to be the best they can be.  Largely in part of their tremendous energy, they are fantastic healers of the body, mind and spirit.  And in setting their keeper in balance the Law of Attraction is that much easier and attainable.  There is not enough that can be said for what the LAAT can bring to their keeper and must be experienced to be appreciated and understood.

Direct Bind Only.

Many blessings!