Extremely Rare Crypt Demon/Demoness – Choose Vessel, Gender, Level & More
Extremely Rare Crypt Demon/Demoness – Choose Vessel, Gender, Level & More
Extremely Rare Crypt Demon/Demoness – Choose Vessel, Gender, Level & More
Extremely Rare Crypt Demon/Demoness – Choose Vessel, Gender, Level & More
Extremely Rare Crypt Demon/Demoness – Choose Vessel, Gender, Level & More
Extremely Rare Crypt Demon/Demoness – Choose Vessel, Gender, Level & More

Extremely Rare Crypt Demon/Demoness – Choose Vessel, Gender, Level & More

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This listing is for the stone or direct/remote bind that will serve as the vessel for a Crypt Demon/Demoness of your choice.  As with all types of spirits/entities, they come in “levels/power,” and my prices reflects this, but I want to make this, my first Crypt Demon/Demoness listing, very clear. 

These extraordinarily rare demons/demonesses are preside in multiple realms, and are among us all the time.  Many believe they are menacing all of the time, even to their companions; however I have not found this to be true – otherwise, why would anyone want a Crypt Demon/Demoness in their lives??  True, they are the Masters of Death, and are dark arts – black arts in nature.  However, I have always found them to be profoundly protective of their companions, and are not at all dangerous or harmful to them.  This is not to say they are easy spirits/entities to have within one’s spirit family.  It takes someone who has experience and is prepared to control those who dwell in dark and black arts.  (Please reach out to me if you have any questions, or are unsure if you would be a good companion for a Crypt Demon/Demoness.)

There are many forms a Crypt Demon/Demoness can take.  The images posted for the Demon and Demoness are but examples of how they may look.   Much depends on how they appear, as well as how they act: their age, upbringing/history, general nature, purpose, and, most importantly, their new companion’s stand on various issues – and how to act/react.  Crypt Demons/Demonesses I offer for companions are not uncontrollable, nor pure evil, and will not betray their companion.  These types of spirits/entities will never enter my life and home.

Their strength is shrouded in darkness and death.  This strengthens their energy and brings them joy.  Venturing to a local century or (for a spirit/entity who travels from realm to realm) this could include the Underworld, death pools in other realms, etc.  They not only gain energy from the dead but they are also overseers and protectors of the dead.  There is good and evil in Crypt Demon/Demonesses, and it is important to plan how to bring one into your life, what is expected of them, and to prepare how to give them direction and boundaries of their role as they join their new companion.

There are many, many Crypt Demons/Demonesses, but few will allow themselves to become a companion to a human.  This is rare – and a gift and blessing for both the Demon/Demoness and the human companion.

There are seemingly endless types/levels of Crypt Demons/Demonesses.  The listed price reflects the power and ability they will provide their companion.

Review the various types of Crypt Demons/Demonesses, and determine which most fits your level of expertise as well as what you seek from the Demon/Demoness.  As always, please reach out if you are unsure – I will guide you, and help to determine which is most suitable.


Crypt Demon/Demoness Soldier:

A Crypt Demon/Demoness Soldier is what one would consider a “beginner” or the lowest-ranked Crypt Demon/Demoness.  Most often this is due to youth or inexperience, but not all related to what their abilities are and the power(s) that can grow.  Even a Soldier is tremendously powerful, and simply just beginning their journey as a Crypt Demon/Demoness.  They are best for those who have little to no experience with darker spirits/entities.  They are more mailable, and can be, in a large way, formed by the companion to be and do what they seek.  Of course, they already possess abilities that are naturally a part of them.  These abilities can grow exponentially and in the direction of the companion’s choice.  They most typically work with dark and black arts magick, and primarily revenge magick.


Crypt Demon/Demoness Shadow:

This type of Crypt Demon/Demoness are known as  a “Shadow.”  They are also referred to as Prowlers, Stalkers, Tracers, Lurker, Tormenter, and Trackers.  This is a fascinating type of Crypt Demon/Demoness.  They are quietly, stealthily powerful – rather than an overt way as are other Crypt Demon/Demonesses.  In many ways, this makes them more powerful than other types of Crypt Demon/Demonesses because of their quiet movements, and often more cerebral and tactical with every move they make – good or bad.  Quite often they will track, follow and swoop upon their prey.  “Prey” could mean many things, depending on the Crypt Demon/Demoness Shadow and their companion’s guidance and boundaries.  The most common place for them to do their shadowing is, not surprisingly, graveyards and crypts.  This takes a great amount of patience, which says a lot about the Shadows.   They are dept in mind control, all forms of telekinesis, telepathy, and powerful mind-control.  Not surprisingly, shadow magick is often used.  Shadow Magick is not always dark magic, it can also be lighter magick.


Crypt Demon Seducer/Crypt Demoness Seductress:

Just as the name suggests, this type of Crypt Demon/Demoness is seductive, sexual, and lure their prey with their lustful gesture and shroud themselves in the façade of a gorgeous human.  They are fantastic for revenge magick, mind (and body) control, voodoo, blood magick, curses and hexes (and can remove them as well) and, of course, necromancy.  One could call them charlatans, because their main goal is to entice, deceive, and ultimately gain something from it that will benefit them, and at times, their companion.  Seducers are exuberant, ambitious, often ruthless, extremely high energy, and have total focus on what they wish to gain.   They can be endlessly helpful in bringing lovers to their companion, seducing/growing the love, as well as breaking up others, and vengeful love/relationships.


Elite Crypt Demon/Demoness:

This type of Crypt Demon/Demoness is equivalent to royalty, elder, lord, etc.  They are the highest ranking and most powerful of all Crypt Demons/DemonessesThis type of Crypt Demon/Demoness is the leader:  the Emperor/Empress of all Crypt Demons/Demonesses.

This type of Crypt Demon/Demoness is the most powerful of all Crypt Demons/Demonesses.  They possess all the abilities and power of the Crypt Demons/Demonesses listed above.  They have evolved far beyond other types of Crypt Demons/Demonesses – intellectually, telepathically, magickally, personally (Crypt Demon/Demoness to human), powerfully, (in every form), etc. etc. etc.  The Lords Control the various layers of the Crypt.  They usually have a territory that they oversee and Lord Over.  They have servants and slaves who serve them and guards who walk with them.  They are usually ruthless and vicious and will kill anyone at the first sign of treachery.  They have to take these actions because if they do not they will be removed.  They are very skilled fighters and incredible at working aggressive and hostile magical.  They also are incredibly observant and can tell someone’s true intent.  They are very watchful of their surroundings and very good at spotting dangers.  They organize gatherings of Dark twisted rituals where Crypt demons gather and create pools of sinister and demented energies. 


Crypt Demons/Demonesses are beneficial in invaluable in innumerable ways.  Some of the ways they can aid their companion includes:

Prosperity, Good luck, Good Fortune, Career Growth, Increased energy and positivity, Confidence, Courage, Increased magickal ability, Psychic growth and increase in third eye ability, Self-love, Empowering oneself to expand in all areas, Finding/Strengthening Love and romance, Astral travel, Astral projection (both of which are very different than Astral travel/projection with a lighter spirit/entity), Helping to grieve with passed loved ones, Communicating with spirits (human and non-human), Lucid dreaming (learning from dreams, communicating through dreams), Guarding and protection (although the Crypt Demon/Demoness will handle 99% of this), Deflection for curses, hexes, Deflection of negativity and unproductive events, Protect/Guard their companion and their loved ones, Be aware and thwart the onset of incoming negativity/curses/hexes/psychic attacks/tricksters/negative spirits-entities-energy, Shielding companion and loved ones from anything/anyone negative and/or harmful, Shielding the companion’s home with protective armor, (including the companion and loved ones), Increased (or learning) heightened clairvoyance, intuition/insight, Encourage (but not, at all, force) their companion to learn more about the world of darkness – the darker realms, etc.,  Engage in and learn more of black magick, Learn (increase ability) in Black Magick, Revenge magick, Learn (increase power/ability) curses/hexes/revenge magick, etc., Mind control,


Additional options include:

15 day direct/remote bind connection:

Regardless of vessel/bind choice; this creates a deeper, more powerful, and long lasting bond. Those that choose the 15 day bind often find themselves with a Soul Mate Crypt Demon/Demoness.


Soul Mate:

Soul Mates/Life Companions are far more personal, life-changing and powerful than a Soul Mate spirit/entity.  These are spirits/entities who remain, gratefully, dutifully, with their companion beyond any service or specific ability that may be needed by the companion, and remain with them for a life time.  This could be for a variety of reasons, but most often they have come to know their human companion and with to remain with them to protect, teach, aid, guide, and befriend on an endless basis.  This is such a special, and quite rare with dark-black arts spirits/entities, so having a DA-BA Soul Mate is unusually uncommon.


Please not preference: stone, ring (size?), bracelet, necklace, direct bind, remote bind, no preference. 


Please message me with any questions. Let me know if you wish any add-ons.


Many blessings!