Elite Demonic Generals – Gender Choice –  Vessel Choice or Direct Bind

Elite Demonic Generals – Gender Choice – Vessel Choice or Direct Bind

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This listing is for the ring, pendant or bracelet which serves as the vessel for an Elite Demonic General OR a Direct Bind may be used in lieu of the vessel.  Elite Generals are extremely rare, and is one of the highest ranks in the Demonic forces.  Generals are superior to all except royalty.  Even royalty has great respect and admiration for the higher ranking officers, particularly Elite Generals.

As natural leaders, Elite Generals have multitudes of followers, who do the Generals’ bidding, which allows him time to deal with more personal and critical issues.  These Elite Demonic Generals (3 males, 1 female) are seeking companions – those that truly need their unique skills and thrive on darkness in their lives. 

This type of Demon is surprisingly even-keeled, however they are Dark-Black.  Just as their responsibility is to guard, protect and provide their region, people, soldiers under them, their duty will be much the same with their next companion.  They have proven themselves far beyond expectations, and are highly renown even within Demonic Royalty, which is quite a feat, as well as a great honor. They are to be respected. Every Captain has legions who do their bidding, support him/her, and, will also aid the Captain in whatever their next companion needs/wants.   They are tremendous guardians, offer all sorts of magickal work and fulfilling demands that fall into the Dark-Black areas.

Please select vessel preference or direct bind, as well as gender (optional).  As always, any vessel may be changed to another at no cost.


Many blessings!