Custom Conjure - Royal - Autumn Dusk Spirits

Custom Conjure - Royal

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This custom listing is for a Custom Conjure (Royal) done solely for the keeper. It’s a very unique and special opportunity when one is able to bring a spirit or entity into their life. The type of spirit or entity can be literally anything: Werewolf (and other shifters), Vampire, Angel, Grigori, Fairy, Dragon, Unicorn, Centaur, Mermaid/Merman….the list goes on and on.

Royals are far more rare and are often far more powerful with more extensive abilities. 

One can narrow down the options based on the choices made below. Much like a Reverse Adoption, this is a wonderful way to be joined with a spirit or entity; however with this custom conjure you can be as specific as you'd like with the type of spirit or entity you wish to join you.  

Simply include any choices that will help me find the best match.

All choices are optional:
1. Male or female?
2. White Arts – Grey Arts – Dark Arts?
3. Seeking what type of relationship? (Romantic, friendship/companionship, sexual/lover/mate, guide)
4. Any physical preferences?
5. Are there any powers or abilities that you hope to gain?

Please include your name and date of birth.

Additional (optional):
Any preference in vessel? Ring (size?), pendant, bracelet, stone?

The vessel will come along with the spirit’s name, a bit about him or her and an anointed incense cone to enhance the bonding process and experience.

Many Blessings! Thank you for looking!