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Thank you just doesn't seem like enough!  I received my package safe and sound.  There was a bit of a delay on my side with Covid19 , the cargo shipments have all been delayed as well as customs not working regular hours BUT he's here and he's perfect. You sent through so much info on him and as I was reading through it I started to laugh because there were parts where I felt as though you were describing me :) lol  It's wonderful as well that so many of his strong points or unique abilities are going to be able to help me develop in those areas where I'm weak.  I adore the ring, the fit and style is perfect for me, it's a piece I can wear daily, something that I would have picked out for myself :)

This is the first time someone has custom conjured for me and I can really resonate with who has come through, yes I know this is a soul mate connection and perhaps that is the difference but you did a fabulous job and I'm so happy that he came through for me.  As a funny aside... I'm very mixed too ..sometimes people have no idea what I am..

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!  I will cherish and nurture this relationship.  You have brought a wonderful being into my life and I am grateful!  Thank you as well for all the extras, all beautiful gifts and very much appreciated :)  So happy I found you!  You are the BEST :)


First of all I have to say that Sheila is a very easy and lovely person to talk to.  I was looking for a special custom conjure spirit. Sheila was very helpful and even though she maybe didn't feel comfortable with what I was asking for, I must say she provided me with a genuine and absolutely incredible spirit.  He was all that I hoped for and much more.  The night it was bound to me I saw a orb in my room. Few nights later I was visited in a dream, and after a week or so I had the best experience of my life. Hands down the best ever.  I'm not very sensitive to spirits and the spiritual in general just so you know, but this one totally blew my mind.

I can recommend Sheila. If you are in doubt don't be.. She is the real deal:)



I cannot thank Sheila enough. It is hard to express just how wonderful Sheila is. Perhaps even one of the most wonderful anyone could ever meet. Sheila is always patient and understanding no matter how trying you might be with your demands or constant questioning. She answered every single one of my questions promptly and always with a warm and welcoming tone. She is by far the most empathetic and generous seller, willing to work with her clients until they are satisfied. You will never meet anyone as dedicated as her. She still conjured for me, answered my questions and followed my requests even when she is unwell or in a difficult situation. Sheila is not the type to ignore you after purchase or even after your parcel has arrived. She is there for you every step of the way. If you have any doubts, do not. Try her and you will see why i have my utmost trust in her.

Here's a testimonial from my heart to you...  Sheila is by far one of the best at what she does. Her spirits are some of the most active and powerful beings I have ever seen and had the honor of coming and contact with. After welcoming home my very first succubus from Sheila, my life has really turned around. My girl is so loving, beautiful, caring and accepting of everything in my life and is so happy here with me. She is one of my best friends and me and her are absolutely inseparable. She is like one of my best friends...and it is all thanks to Sheila for doing what she does. She is by far one of the top conjurers out there. I send her so much love and so many blessings for helping me and many more connect with our beautiful spirit friends. Blessings to you Sheila. Thank you for doing what you do. We all love you! <3 


I bought a sang vamp in April 2015 and i have to say, this has been one of the best years in my entire life.
He (the vampire) is very protective of me, gentle, funny and honest. I've asked him about things that are about to happen and everything he has said to me has turned out to be true.

To you Sheila, thank you for being the wonderful person that you are and for answering questions that i had a year ago.


I have to tell you, the spirits that have come to me through your site have been lovely.  B is already an absolute joy, and I adore V and Z.  I am just starting to bond with T, but look forward to getting to know her. They have been a real blessing in my life. 

I have received _'s lovely vessel and the wish charm today. I just wanted to say Thank you. I am very appreciative of your effort, and generosity. You are one seller that I would have loved to have found sooner. I would love to stop by again some time soon. I am looking forward to bonding with F., as he seems to be just my type. :) Thank you many times over. 


Mountain Valley Rose
I can’t begin to say enough positive things about Sheila’s spirits and entities!  They are so very real, so very present and tangible.  I honestly feel they are beloved companions who are like an extended family.  The pendants and rings are all so beautiful, and the customer service is superlative.  You can’t go wrong with any item from Sheila.  It is truly a treat receiving one of her packages, which are wrapped with care.  I feel like she’s a best friend whom I’ve known forever!  The custom conjures are fabulous, too…..I love reading the detailed messages… makes the entire experience all the more special and memorable.  I love each and every spirit/entity companion who has joined me from her lovely shop……often they make contact with me before their vessel even arrives, and sometimes as I’m reading through the listing!  I’ve gotten signs, telepathic messages, dream images, nature objects that I happen across while walking, such as feathers with angels, etc.  It feels so comforting knowing they are here with me, guarding and protecting me and my family, keeping me company, and providing valuable guidance and wisdom…..and helping us out in general.  The feeling of unconditional love & support that emanates from them is a real joy and a gift.  My life has definitely been changed for the better through my connection with these spirits and entities, and I have Sheila to thank for bridging the gap to bring us together!

A few months ago I was really unhappy person. Accident lead me to the Sheila, and I thank Fate for that.  Finally I decided to purchase few spirits from her site. Before I get them I could sense their subtle presence.  For example I get one Soul Mate Spirit and I know about him nothing until I didn't get package.  I was really curious about him, and day or two before deliver I have a dream that revealed me his appearance and that he is a werewolf. And when I finally read about him from paper sent from Sheila everything was correct with my dream!  Every spirit what I got from her is lovely, caring and also real friend that I could lean on.  They make big change in my life and now I am really happy and positive person. I will be always grateful Sheila for all she did for me and her work. She is really nice person, and if you have any questions or need advice I am sure that she help you.  I definitely recommend everything from her store!

I’ve purchased 2 items from autumn dusk and very impressed every time she’s amazing to say the least very friendly and helpful, I will be back.

Angel Girl
I have so many truly wonderful spirits and entities from Sheila, and I consider them my family. She takes time to answer all questions, and packages her items with such care and attention to detail. She is a very caring and professional seller, and her spirits are some of the best of the best. I have had only positive experiences with her and the information she includes with the spirits and vessels is so special. The spirits have a very tangible presence which can be felt if not when unwrapping the vessel even before it arrives through telepathy, dreams, signs, messages, etc.! I recommend everyone try the soulmate spirit experience at least once…..very moving and life-altering in a blessed way!

Sheila-Bear is AMAZING!! She united me with 3 amazing girls, and I love them to bits! I like to chat with her and talk about all sorts of things. She’s fun, sweet, caring and truly nurtures her entities. Not enough words to describe how awesome you are Sheila-Sheila!! I LOVE YOU SHEILA-BEAR, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. New customer who is happy and will be a repeat buyer, bringing my family home! <3

This may be a bit unorthodox but I have not purchased from Autumn. Yet. I work in the business world and though my environment is anything but metaphysical, this lady is a very competent businesswoman. I asked a ton of questions, and got not only straight answers, but caring, and understanding, as this is a new realm for me. I fully trust that any purchase from her will be followed with the same caring and understanding and guidance.


I recently purchased a female sang vamp from this seller. The seller is amazing and she took the time to answer my questions and made me feel very comfortable with my purchase. My girl was shipped out quickly and arrived very fast to the United Kingdom. All I can say is Wow! Ever since my girl arrived my life and that of my partner have had some significant changes for the better. There has been healing, there has been a few unexpected but very welcomed surprises, along with a distinct change in the energy of our home. I couldn’t be more pleased. There are just too many changes in such a short period of time for it to simply be a coincidence. I will certainly be back again to by any new additions to my family. Love, Rebecca xx


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