About Me

                      Greetings!                          Warmest and brightest blessings!     Thank you for visiting my shop!

For years I have listed items on (now defunct) bestparanormalsellers.com (Creepy Hollows), Bonanza.com, and Etsy.com.  As more and more sites make it difficult for those of us who embrace the metaphysical, it became apparent that I needed to find a secure place where my listings would not be filtered or be in jeopardy of deletion at any moment.  This is that place.  

 I have been able to sense, and communicate with spirits since I was a child.  I was blessed to have had a wonderful, loving and brilliantly talented and wise abuelita (grandmother) who was a powerful bruja.  She taught me much of what I know about conjuring, enchantments and life (in this realm and beyond.)  I have been working with magick and spirits for over 50 years (yikes!) and continue to learn and grow.  

There are so many lovely people I have met through spirit keeping, and witchcraft, and that joy is truly why I do what I do.  Those I meet and join with spirits/entities become family to me.  My hope is that anyone who brings home one to join their spirit family will treat them as a friend and member of their family   If treated with respect and kindness truly magical things will happen.

I hope to share with others the joy and magic that has always been part of my life - and theirs, whether they have discovered it yet or not. 
Thanks again for stopping by.  Check back often... things will be ever-changing!

Blessed Be!