Santa Muerte ~ Bracelet to the Great Goddess of Death - Autumn Dusk Spirits

Santa Muerte ~ Link to the Great Goddess of Death - Direct Bind Only

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This listing is for a connection to the Great Goddess of Death, Santa Muerte, to guide others to connect with their ancestors, as well as to learn more about their past, present, and future. 

Working with this item listed (and others related to Santa Muerte (also called Santisima Muerte) which will be listed soon) really brought be back to my roots.  I was taught so much by my abulita (grandmother) who was a warm, lovely, powerful bruja born in Mexico, where Santa Muerte is most widely known and celebrated.  

There is much to be learned and gained from the insight, wisdom and guidance of Santa Muerte.  She is often seen as a human female skeleton dressed in a robe or cape, carrying scales representing justice, an hourglass representing time, a scythe representing passing to the next realm, and also owls representing wisdom.  She is the personification of death, although she is seen on days like the Day of the Dead with great reverence as a representation of our ancestors, one’s faith, and to focus on goals, dreams, aspirations, etc.

Santa Muerte is a protector for those who need it, particularly those who are in danger, who are placed in treacherous positions in one form or another, i.e. nigh time workers, prostitutes, police, etc.  She is also a staunch supporter of the law and a seeker of truth and justice.  She can be invaluable in either of these situations.  

Santa Muerte is incredibly powerful – she can grant wishes, create miracles, guide one through the darkest of times, bring hope and prosperity, love and peace, and so much more.




Many blessings!