Maman Brigitte Blessed and Mentored Voodoo Queen – Gorgeous Ring 7 ½ - Autumn Dusk Spirits

Maman Brigitte Blessed and Mentored Voodoo Queen – Gorgeous Ring 7 ½

This listing is for the ring which serves as the vessel for a Voodoo Queen who has been personally blessed and mentored by Maman Brigitte.  Maman Brigitte is one of the most powerful Voodoo Goddesses.  She loves her rum and hot peppers, using obscenities, and utterly enchanting!  She guards over cemeteries, particularly graves topped with rocks. She also is a goddess of justice.  Her husband is Baron Samedi who has his own rich history!   Maman Brigitte saw much of herself in this Voodoo Queen, who she took under her wing when she was just a young girl.  She was nurtured, protected and educated by Maman Brigitte and, although she is a Voodoo Queen, she is a Goddess in her own right.  Beautiful, intelligent, immensely gifted and seeks to aid her companion with all their wants and needs. 
Her gifts include all forms of magick from white to black; love, romance and sex; mind control; good luck and fortune; beauty and confidence and more.
The vessel is as gorgeous and unusual as she is.  It is a ring with a deep blue faceted stone with a leafy design set in black gold and is size 7 ½.
As with all of my listings, any vessel can be changed to another that may be more suitable, at no cost.

​Many blessings!